nokuti tiri parwendo

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A little about Shingisai

Shingisai Suluma is a renowned Christian artist from Zimbabwe. To date, she has a discography of 10 albums, and has travelled and performed internationally. Her music has inspired the lives of many people from all walks of life. She is currently engaged in her graduate studies and is working with various worship teams in the United States where she leads and trains team members.

Tiri parwendo - we are on a journey.

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Recent Events

Christmas Concert, Harare, Zimbabwe

December 25, 2013

Led by Music Risen Chikore, Shingisai and Joystreet Choir in conjunction with Rainbow Towers provided a memorable Christmas concert to a sell out crowd of excited fans. The venue was extended twice to accommodate the large number of people signing up for the event, and it still sold out. It was a great experience for those who managed to attend. More up close and personal events are lined up for 2014.





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